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We offer a nice buffet including:

fresh fruit and vegetables of the season, bread and toast, cereals (biologic and whole grain to which you can add your favorite dried fruit or seeds), preserves and jams, maple syrup and honey, butter and cheese, boiled eggs.


Additionally you may also order the Omelet of your choice from the following menu:


- Zucchini and green onion Omelet

- Traditional Persian Tomato Omelet

- Feta Cheese Omelet

- Spinach and Mozzarella Omelet

- White mushroom Omelet

- Leafy greens Omelet


Or Simply have a dish of two fried eggs plus bacons and/or sausages


We also serve a breakfast pottage of the day, which is typically Persian.


- Addasi: lentil and potatoes, topped with fried onions and parsley, served with fresh lemon juice, butter or olive oil and seasoned with Persian spices.


- Halim: wheat & turkey pottage, topped with cinnamon, melted butter, black walnuts and served with maple syrup.

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