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Our house is an almost new Victorian style built in 2007  and located in a nice and calm area in Mont Tremblant. The extraordinary location within walking distant access to the “Petit Train du Nord linear park” gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and have access to the Saint Jovite Down Town Sector, where you can enjoy the ambiance of seasonal events, browse delightful local boutiques or enjoy dining in cozy restaurants.

Getting Around:

Free Airport Shuttle service transfers guests from Mont-Tremblant International Airport to the Grand lodge. We will pick you up free of charge from the Grand Lodge with advance booking. Public transport to the mountain is a 4-minute drive from our house. Our service includes one drop in early morning and one pickup in the afternoon from/to the bus station. Mont Blanc is only a 5-minute drive from our house and a ride is available with reasonable price. The National Park is a 25-minute drive from our location.

bbsaffron Mont Tremblant 4 BR Vacation Home/Rental, cottage

Mont Blanc Ski:

You can have it all! Located near Montreal (just 75 minutes to the north) in Quebec’s ski Mont Tremblant ski region, Mont Blanc ski resort has 41 trails and one of the highest verticals in eastern Canada, a major ski school, and best of all, great prices on lift ticket rates! Ski the Laurentian’s best kept secret! Oops! The secret’s out! Canadians, Americans, international visitors – all welcome! Whether from around the world, across Canada or just the other side of Mont Tremblant, your family will love to ski Quebec’s “white mountain!”

bbsaffron Mont Tremblant 4 BR Vacation Home/Rental, cottage

Cross-Country Skiing:

Explore the Domaine Saint-Bernard on 25 square km of strikingly varied terrain, through woods, forests and open meadows, alongside lakes, streams and especially the Devil's River. Enjoy the best scenic vistas of the Mont Tremblant area.

bbsaffron Mont Tremblant 4 BR Vacation Home/Rental, cottage

Casino de Mont-Tremblant:


We're all play!


A gleaming jewel set in the very heart of Versant Soleil, the Casino de Mont-Tremblant is rising to offer its clientele an exclusive entertainment experience in a refined and friendly setting. The incomparable architecture and décor inspired by the natural elements of its surroundings will delight the eye. Come experience the excitement of Casino de Mont-Tremblant!

bbsaffron Mont Tremblant 4 BR Vacation Home/Rental, cottage
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